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Land Remediation
Land Remediation

Cleaning Land, Inspiring Change

The Great Footprints® Campaign has been launched to help inspire a new generation of thought and action relating to the global opportunity for sustainable design and development. Based on Bill McDonough’s Cradle to Cradle blueprint, which describes how we can re-make the way we make things, The Great Footprints Campaign represents a legacy venture for campaign participants.

Drawing from over 30 years and billions of dollars of brownfield redevelopment and green building experience, along with input from global leaders in the business, academic and charitable sectors, The Great Footprints Campaign will be comprised of three priorities:

The Great Footprints Award
awarding existing examples of global development projects that exemplify Cradle to Cradle principles;

The Great Footprints Global Fund
funding international development efforts which exemplify sustainable design and development in targeted regions of the world; and

The Great Footprints U.S. Fund
funding domestic (U.S.-based) redevelopment efforts that generate transactional ROI for The Great Footprints Campaign Fund by redeeming lost real estate assets in our communities.

The Great Footprint Award winners will be selected by Bill McDonough and a blue ribbon panel he organizes. Organizational funding will be provided by Cherokee Gives Back, and media and award partners are being mobilized for the first winner announcement in early 2014. Award announcements will be made periodically and will be the centerpiece of an inspirational online multimedia experience.

The Great Footprints Campaign Global and U.S. Funds will be vetted by Tom Darden and John Mazzarino and project team members they select, and will be managed by the executive staff at Cherokee Gives Back, led by Scott Steele. Influence initiatives will be led by social media entrepreneurs and a rotating celebrity champion. Organizations like Make It Right will also be engaged as partners in The Great Footprints Campaign to highlight strategic and synergistic work in the world.

The Great Footprints Campaign is currently organizing a summit for interested stakeholders. We are engaged in discussions with synergistic partners and leaders in the impact investing community. Please contact Scott Steele for more information.

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