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Cherokee Gives Back
Cherokee Gives Back


Cherokee Gives Back was created as the philanthropic arm of Cherokee Investment Partners in 2000. Since that time, the organization has been involved with a wide variety of projects in the areas of health, blighted real estate, job creation, poverty relief, education, orphan care and adoption – in the United States and abroad.

Cherokee Gives Back approaches its key focus areas of environmental sustainability and poverty alleviation from three strategic directions. We educate and develop leaders to address these important issues. We partner with and make grants to organizations with similar missions. And, continuing the work of Cherokee Investments, we promote solutions for contaminated, abandoned, or blighted land.

We began our work in Addis Ababa to help develop culturally aware leaders who could make a mark in the world in part because of what they experience in the context of one of Africa’s great cities. There, all of these great challenges to humanity collide in a remarkable way.

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